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What is the best asset to invest in? It's not what you may think!

Why do we invest? Great question, right? after all we all want to be successful investors for various reasons: being financially independent, retiring early, having enough money in our retirement account, creating generational wealth for our children, and the list goes on. Investment examples When we hear the word investment, usually the first things that come to mind are some old-school assets like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, or the more contemporary ones like bitcoin, altcoins, and cryptocurrencies in general.  How to measure our investment's success?   Let's just talk about the very basic measurement of investment: return on investment (ROI). To put it simply, it is the amount of money or rewards you are getting relative to your initial investment. For example, if you invest $100 and you earn $10 then your ROI is 10%.  Which investment is better? You may wonder why I wrote,  "It's not what you may think!" where so far I talked about the traditiona

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